General Questions

What information will I have to provide to open a Facility Line?

We will need, personal and company’s last two tax returns, company’s financial statements (balance sheet, Profit & Loss, A/P & A/R) and bank statements.

Will there be a Credit Score check?

As any other provider, we will run your Credit report with your authorization

When can I start using my Facility Line?

Once all contracts have been finalized and signed, funds will be available immediately.

Are there costs to open the credit line?

There’s a one-time activation fee and thereafter, a yearly renewal fee on the anniversary date of your contract.

Does CreateTrade make deposits towards an order?

No, we pay the invoice in full or the remaining open balance. Copy of the deposit will be needed for our records.

How many orders can I make?

As many as needed, as long as you're within the guidelines and the account is in good standing.

Does the interest rate adjust after partial payments have been applied?

No, interest rate will not change.

Will I receive a credit if an invoice is paid in full before its due date?

Yes, CreateTrade will issue a credit that can be applied to another open invoice in your account or return the funds to you.

For what purpose can I use my Facility line?

CreateTrade purchases inventory goods from your suppliers on your behalf and invoices you at an extended term.

Can I pay for company’s/personal expenses with the Facility Line?

Your Facility Line can only be used to pay your suppliers for the purchase of inventory goods.

Do you remit the payment of the order in my bank account?

We pay directly to your supplier and you can negotiate with them discounts for upfront payment

What’s needed to request an order?

Invoice from your Supplier, Purchase Order issued to CreateTrade and shipping document/proof of delivery.

When do I pay CreateTrade?

Each invoice will have its agreed term as listed on the executed contract.

Are partial payments welcomed? And is there any penalty fees?

Partial payments are accepted and will not incur any penalty fees.

Will there be extra fees in CreateTrade invoice?

All fees will be stated on the executed contracts.

How long will I have my Credit Line?

Your Credit Line will have a term of one year as long as you remain within the guidelines and the account is in good standing.

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