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Trading Solutions

The CreateTrade proven method of trading services allows our clients to grow their business and sales outside of current cash flow or credit constraints. We have helped companies across the United States including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

CreateTrade offers pre and post-shipment purchases for U.S. organizations and it’s known for providing prompt reliable services. We offer help for clients that have end-user customers in the United States. We help you with domestic and international sales orders from over US$50,000 in value and we purchase up to 100% of domestic and international sales orders on your behalf. Our programs are the perfect bridge by providing vendors with prompt, early payment. This unique business process ensures that both importers and exporters have a mutually beneficial trade relationship.

Our process is completely automated, once you have a trade facility approved, you can create your online orders indicating your supplier’s payment information. CreateTrade is responsible for payment and you benefit from better trade conditions.

Our approach is simple and our service is fast!

Who We Are

CreateTrade is one of the premier providers of Trade Services not associated with private banking in the United States. We are accredited by the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT), Commercial Finance Association (CFA) and the Turnaround Management Association (TMA).

What We Can Do

​CreateTrade is the perfect bridge option for a wide variety of industries, small businesses, and vendors by providing prompt and flexible payment terms to buyers. We offer trade instruments that assist our clients in fulfilling sales orders. This program gives our clients cash flow that helps them grow their business with approved facility for commercial transactions.

What our Users Say

CreateTrade offered us the money to pay our suppliers. Thanks to them our suppliers received an immediate payment that ultimately generated trust instantly. By having this trust our suppliers sent us more merchandise offerings and grew our company substantially.”

Silvio D’ostilio

CEO of Tio Paco

CreateTrade was able to offer the perfect services that helped us increase sales by managing our cash flow better. They’ve also helped us put the money that would have to go into production back into our business.”

J.B Schneider

CEO of P’kolino

CreateTrade was referred to me and through their funding we were able to make the strategic purchase needed for aluminum parts for pennies on the dollar. CreateTrade was able to give me the necessary tools to help me with the cash flow.”

Betsy McGee

CEO of ADI Metal

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What information will I have to provide to open a Facility Line?

We will need, personal and company’s last two tax returns, company’s financial statements (balance sheet, Profit & Loss, A/P & A/R) and bank statements.

Will there be a Credit Score check?

As any other provider, we will run your Credit report with your authorization

When can I start using my Facility Line?

Once all contracts have been finalized and signed, funds will be available immediately.

For what purpose can I use my Facility line?

CreateTrade purchases inventory goods from your suppliers on your behalf and invoices you at an extended term.

Can I pay for company’s/personal expenses with the Facility Line?

Your Facility Line can only be used to pay your suppliers for the purchase of inventory goods.

Do you remit the payment of the order in my bank account?

We pay directly to your supplier and you can negotiate with them discounts for upfront payment



CreateTrade, LLC is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in Fort Lauderdale, FL

1100 Lee Wagener Blvd,
Fort Lauderdale, FL United States.